Officers and Members of Council


Professor Stefan Przyborski (, Durham University

Honorary Secretary

Professor Colin Ockleford (, Lancaster University

Deputy Secretary

Dr Adam Taylor (, Lancaster University
Membership Officer

Professor Fabio Quondamatteo (, University of Glasgow

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Imelda McGonnell (,  RVC London

Deputy Treasurer

Professor Kieran McDermott (, University of Limerick 

Meetings Officer

Professor Abigail Tucker (, King's College, London

Education Officer

Dr Gabrielle Finn (,  Hull York Medical School

Website, Media and Communications Officer

Dr Iain Keenan (, University of Newcastle

Research Officer

Dr Gavin Clowry (, Newcastle University

Ordinary members of Council

Dr Cecilia Brassett (
Professor Peter Dockery (, National University of Ireland, Galway
Dr Gerard O'Keeffe (, University College Cork, Ireland
Assistant Professor  Siobhan Loughna (, University of Nottingham
Professor Zoltan Molnar (, University of Oxford

Dr Jeremy Mortimer - Postgraduate-Councillor (

Previous Officers - here