Best Image Prize Winners 2011

Joint Winners October 2011: Mr. Daniel Tams (University of Durham) and Dr. Jon Colinson (University of Aberdeen) - images below

Runner Up October 2011: Dr Hajihosseini (University of East Anglia)


Mr. Daniel Tams, University of Durham "Neurosphere"

Description: Differentiation and neural induction of human pluripotent stem cells by the novel synthetic retinoid AH61. After 21 days differentiation neurospheres were induced to form long neuritis on laminin/PDL coated tissue culture plastic. Differentiation by the synthetic retinoid AH61 an subsequent neurite outgrowth was highly reproducible and represents a model of human neural development and neurite outgrowth for use in developmental and disease modelling studies. Scale=250µm


Dr. Jon Colinson, University of Aberdeen "E16.5 paw muscle"

Description: Whole mount immunohistochemistry to visualise skeletal muscle myosin in the developing ventral pad of the E16.5 mouse paw. The beautiful complexity of the muscle arrangement is demonstrated in situ.