Winners May 2013


The winner was Dr. Mohammad K. Hajihosseini (with Ben Matthams and Tim Goodman), University of East Anglia

Image TitleFgf10 lineaged-traced neurons

Description: Image shows a cluster of Postnatal day 12 cortical neurons expressing tomato-ds red, derived from single cortical progenitors that expressed Fgf10 gene at P4. Image shows evidence for limited neurogenesis in the cerebral cortex after birth. Image was captured from vibratome-sections of transgenic mice, using a Zeiss Apotomoe microscope.

Submitted by: Dr. Mohammad K. Hajihosseini, University of East Anglia

Submitted on: 31 May 2013

Runner-Up ‘Highly Commended’

The Runner-Up ‘Highly Commended’ Image (deadline 31st May 2013) was awarded to Dr. Alan R. Denison, University of Aberdeen

Image Title3D Cerebral Tractography 1

Description: Tractography is a recent 3D modelling technique that maps functional white matter tracts using data collected using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Based on symmetry of brain water diffusion, this method offers visually stunning in vivo localisation of short and medium-length neural tracts, which was previously impossible. 

Submitted by: Dr. Alan R. Denison, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Aberdeen

Submitted on: 30 May 2013