Winners May 2014

AS BEST IMAGE AWARD 2014 (deadline 31.05.14)

Image Title: Spinal astrocytes

Description: Image shows the morphology of rodent spinal astrocytes, which play an important role in numerous functions in the central nervous system. Vimentin (green) demarcates the cytoskeletal structure, illustrating the extensive processes of these cells and dapi (blue) shows the nucleus. The image was captured using a Zeiss LSM710 Confocal microscope.

Submitted by: Dr Ada Delaney

Submitted on: 14th May 2014

AS RUNNER UP BEST IMAGE AWARD 2014 (deadline 31.05.14)

Image Title: Dil Mouse Embryo

Description: Mouse embryo at embryonic stage E12.5 labeled with DiI, a plasma membrane marker which was incorporated in the entire epithelial surface. By tracing cell movements, key roles of tissue interactions in many aspects of embryonic morphogenesis can be investigated, contributing to the developmental biology knowledge. 

Submitted by: Ms Lemonia Chatzeli, Ms Tathyane Harumi Nakajima Teshima and Dr Marcia Gaete

Submitted: 15th May 2014