Winners October 2013


Image Title: Neurospheres

Description:  Enteric neurospheres, generated from Wnt-1Cre;R26YFP mouse gut. Wnt-1 positive neural crest cells express YFP (green). The neurospheres are stained with dapi (blue) and immunolabelled with (from top to bottom in red) p75, TuJ1, GFAP, and Sox10. These immunomarkers confirm that gut neurospheres contain neural crest-derived cells, neurons, glia and ENS stem cells.

Submitted by: Dr Alan Burns and Dr Ellen Binder. 

Submitted on: 25 October 2013


Image Title: Enhanced Tractography

Description: Axial diffusion-weighted MRI tractography image of living human brain. Nerve fibre colour represents movement of water.  Lateral diffusivity: red/orange; anterior-posterior: green; inferior-superior: blue. Acquired on Discovery MR750w 3.0T by GE Healthcare. Enhanced by Ben Crossman. Image to be used as cover of 5th edition of Neuroanatomy (Crossman and Neary; Elsevier).

Copyright statement: The original image was provided to me by GE Healthcare specifically for use as the basis of an illustration for my use. The image was manipulated and enhanced by Ben Crossman and will be used as a book cover illustration by Elsevier Ltd. Elsevier own the copyright to the submitted image. I have obtained specific consent from Elsevier to submit the image for this competition and GE Healthcare are also fully supportive.

Submitted by: Professor Emeritus Alan Crossman and Mr Ben Crossman.

Submitted on: 28 October 2013


Image Title: “The Pilgrims”

Description: This pseudo-coloured SEM micrograph shows sensillae located on the in the inner curvature of the forcipular apparatus of the House Centipede - Scutigera coleoptrata.  The forciples have evolved from walking legs into pincer-like structures containing a complex venom gland and duct system; the sensillae aid in prey detection and capture. 

Submitted by: Mr Alexander Black and Dr Michel Dugon.

Submitted on: 30 October 2013