Winner 2014


Congratulations to Dean Malik, PhD student with Dr Abigail Tucker at Kings College London, on winning the Anatomical Society Young Investigator Oral Presentation Prize at the Winter Meeting of the Society in Birmingham for his paper

‘External ear development: insights from mouse models’.  

Joint Runner-Up Young Investigator Oral Presentation Prizes 2014

Awardee Lead Author: Mr Matthew Parnall

Abstract Title: ‘A role for myosin in heart sarcomere maturation and function of the conduction system’.

Department: Room E170, Medical School, Queens Medical Centre, University of Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 2UH.

Awardee Lead Author: Mr Edwin Dickinson

Abstract Title: ‘Functional integration during development within the masticatory apparatus of a hard-object feeding primate (Cercocebusatys)’

Department: Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences, Hull York Medical School   (In collaboration with the Department of Archaeology, University of York)

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