Departmental Seminar Award Recipients 2012/13

Departmental Seminar Grants Award Recipients 2012/13 have been made to:

  • Professor Michael Adams, University of Bristol
  • Professor John Cryan, University College Cork, Ireland
  • Professor Raj Ettarh, University of Tulane, USA
  • Professor Richard Greene, University of Bradford
  • Dr  Laura Mongan, University of Leicester
  • Professor Alistair Warren, University of Sheffield

B. Details of the seminars/symposia: further details will be announced as they come in!

Award Holder:Professor John Cryan
Title of Seminar/Symposia:  Parkinson's Disease: from molecules to movement
Speakers: Key Note Speaker:Professor Roger Baker, Cambridge University
Hosted by:  Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience in the University College Cork
Date:Friday April 26th 2013
REPORT (To follow)

 Award Holder:Professor Alistair Warren
Title of Seminar/Symposia:Morphogenesis of Drosophila epithelial tissue  
Speakers: Key Note Speaker:Dr Yohanns Bellaiche, Institut Curie, Paris 
Hosted by:  Dr Martin Zeidler
Location:Conference Room, Addison Building, University of Sheffield, S10 2TN
Date:Monday 28th January 2013 at 12 noon
REPORT (To follow)

 Award Holder:Professor Raj Ettarh
Title of Seminar/Symposia:  Anatomy in Medical Education
Speakers: Key Note Speaker:Dr Chris Leadem 
Hosted by:  Department of Structural and Cellular Biology at Tulane University School of Medicine
Date:November 2012
REPORT (To follow)