Departmental Seminar Grants Award Recipients 10/11

A. Departmental Seminar Awards 2010/11 have been made to:

  • Dr Jo Bishop, University of Swansea
  • Professor Colin Ockleford, University of Lancaster
  • Dr Jennifer Skidmore, University of Southampton
  • Professor Roger Soames, University of Dundee
  • Professor Alistair Warren, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Clive Lee and Professor Fergal O'Brien, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

B. Details of the seminars/symposia: further details will be announced as they come in!

 Award Holder:Dr Jennifer Skidmore
Title of Seminar/Symposia:An Interactive Workshop - The Anatomy Learning Journey: Travelling Together
Speakers:  Key Note Speaker - Professor Darrell Evans, Brighton and Sussex Medical School
Host:Dr Jennifer Skidmore
Location:South Academic Block (AB59), University of Southampton
Date:Wednesday 9th May 2012 at 1.00pm

Award Holder:
Professor Colin Ockleford
Title of Seminar/Symposia:New Anatomy Teaching and Research in the North West
Speakers:Colin Ockleford, Rhian Lynch and Peter Dangerfield. Other speakers to be announced soon 
Photo of the Delegates:
Professor Colin Ockleford
September 2011

Award Holder:Professor Clive Lee
Title of Seminar/Symposia:Theraputic Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Arthritis
Speaker:Dr Mary Murphy, Regenerative Medicine Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway
Photo of the Delegates:
Dr Garry Duffy
Location:Cheyne Theatre, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Date:22nd June 2011

Award Holder: Professor Alistair Warren
Title of Seminar/Symposia: 'Using heterokaryons to understand pluripotency and reprogramming'
Speaker: Professor Amanda Fisher, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London 
: Dr Verdon Taylor
Location:University of Sheffield.
Date: Monday 13th June 2011