Best Paper Prize for 2014

Journal of Anatomy Best Paper Prize 2014

awarded to Emiliano Bruner

Emiliano Bruner

‘Midsagittal brain variation and MRI shape analysis of the precuneus in adult individuals’ 

Emiliano Bruner, Gizéh Rangel de Lázaro, José Manuel de la Cuétara, Manuel Martín-Loeches 

Roberto Colom, Heidi Jacobs 

Journal of Anatomy Runner-Up Best Paper Prizes 2014 

‘Comparative architectural properties of limb muscles in Crocodylidae and 
Alligatoridae and their relevance to divergent use of asymmetrical gaits in extant 

Vivian Allen, Julia Molnar, William Parker, Andrea Pollard, Grant Nolan and John R. 

Journal of Anatomy, Volume 225, Issue 6, December 2014, pp 569–582 

‘Complete forelimb myology of the basal theropod dinosaur Tawa hallae based on a novel 
robust muscle reconstruction method’ 

Sara H. Burch 

Journal of Anatomy, Volume 225, Issue 3, September 2014, pp 271-297

Journal of Anatomy, Volume 224, Issue 4, April 2014, pp 367-376