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Please complete this form and return, all fields are compulsory except for County/State where it is not applicable.


Correspondence Address

Please enter you institutional address and email. If you are not affiliated to an institution, please provide your contact address and a reason that you are not currently affiliated with an institution.

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  1. You can join at any time of the year and at any stage of your career. Please note that the membership period runs from 1st October to 30th September.
  2. Persons registered for a degree (i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate member category) who wish to apply for this category of membership must ensure that the student member declaration below is completed by their Supervisor or Head of Department to confirm their status.
  3. As a Society Research Student, print subscription to Journal of Anatomy is free.
  4. Those applying for Undergraduate, Postgraduate Membership MUST enclose an up to date CV.

If you are applying for Full or Early Career Membership, you must upload two separate letters from two existing members in good standing who support your application (see below).

If you are applying for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Membership, you must upload a letter from an Academic Supervisor who is responsible for the Programme you are enrolled on confirming your undergraduate or postgraduate student status (see below).

Please note that all supporting letters must be in form of a scanned and signed letter on headed paper indicating the institutional contact details including the institutional email address or in form of a scanned email from an institutional email address.

Make sure that all documents are collated in one  single pdf file not larger than 10 MB. Your application cannot be considered without this.

If you are applying for Full membership, please tick as appropriate below:
If you are apply for Postgraduate membership, please tick as appropriate below:
Supporting Documention

Please provide a PDF file, no more than 10MB (mega byte) in size

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Note: (v) The Anatomical Society will not pass your email details on to any third party. We may occasionally wish to share your details (excl. email address) with other organisations so that they can contact you regarding products or services which may be of interest. 

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