The Anatomical Society at Cheltenham Festival 2016

The Anatomical Society once again featured at the Cheltenham Science festival in June this year. Cheltenham is the leading science festival in the UK and is visited by thousands of school groups, families and individuals of all ages.

This year the stand was organised by Profs. Abigail Tucker and Jeremy Green from KCL, showcasing the fundamental biology that shapes tissues in the body and that may one day lead to regenerative approaches to medical therapies. On Friday the theme was "Life in death" explaining the role of apoptosis in shaping tissues in the body, while on Saturday we moved to " Cellular body sculpting" to show how tissue folding generates anatomical pits, grooves and tubes in a sort of biological origami. The team of PhD students and postdocs, including Anatomical Society funded students, where kept busy while the visitors tried out working models of embryonic placode formation, making play-doh hands, and getting to grips with microscopes.

Elsewhere in the festival Prof Alice Roberts gave a talk on "The art of anatomy", and Anat Soc fellows from the RVC were involved in a stand showcasing bones, evolution and mechanics.