Journal of Anatomy

Journal of Anatomy is an international peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Anatomical Society and published by Wiley-Blackwell. The Journal is edited by Thomas Gillingwater, Anthony Graham and Stefan Milz (contactable through the Editorial Office:, supported by a diverse Editorial Board.


Thomas Gillingwater
Thomas Gillingwater
University of Edinburgh, UK
Anthony Graham
Anthony Graham
King's College, University of London, UK
Stefan Milz
Stefan Milz
Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany


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The Journal publishes original papers, invited review articles and book reviews: more detailed information, including instructions for authors, can be found on the Journal of Anatomy website [] or using the links below. Its main focus is to understand anatomy through an analysis of structure, function, development and evolution. We particularly welcome submissions in the following areas:

  • Cell biology and tissue architecture
  • Comparative functional morphology
  • Developmental biology
  •  Evolutionary developmental biology
  • Evolutionary morphology
  • Functional human anatomy
  • Integrative vertebrate paleontology
  • Methodological innovations in anatomical research
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Neuroanatomy and neurodegeneration
  • Significant advances in anatomical education

Priority will be given to experimental studies that provide novel insights into any of these areas. Multi-disciplinary studies crossing more than one of these areas are also welcomed. Manuscripts concerning anatomical education will only be accepted if they are of a robust quantitative nature or will inform about international education policy. The Editors will also consider publishing Letters (1-2 pages) on scientific issues of clear relevance to the scope of interest of the Journal. There are no page charges, and charges are not made for colour, if, in the Editors’ opinion it is essential. In all other cases costs must be borne by the author.

Authors are also eligible to be considered for the Journal of Anatomy Best Paper Prize awarded annually for the paper deemed by the editors to be the best presented by either a member or non member of the Society

The Journal of Anatomy is published by Wiley-Blackwell. The following links are to web pages on their server:

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