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Award of Anatomical Society Studentships

The Anatomical Society is delighted to announce the award of four new research studentships.  These awards are the outcome of the Society’s annual studentship competition open to its members.

Studentships will start in October 2018 and each award funds 3 years of postgraduate training and study towards a PhD.

Studentships provide funding for research focused on specific projects associated with anatomical science.  Details of these funded projects are below:

Lead Supervisor: Dr Clare Baker
University: University of Cambridge
Co-Supervisor: N/A
University: N/A
Project Title: Identifying novel molecular mechanisms underlying lateral line sense organ development using an unbiased, comparative approach
Student: Mr Alexander Campbell

Project Resume


Lead Supervisor: Dr Niamh Nowlan
University: Imperial College, London
Co-Supervisor: Dr Chrissy Hammond
University: University of Bristol
Project Title: How do bones acquire their shapes? Establishing a paradigm for the biology and mechanobiology of morphogenesis of synovial joints

Student: Ms Josépha Godivier

Project Resume


Lead Supervisor: Professor Andrew Pitsillides
University: Royal Veterinary College, London
Co-Supervisor: Professor Peter Lee
University: University of Manchester
Project Title: How does joint anatomy avoid cracking under pressure?
Student: Ms Lucinda Evans

Project Resume


Lead Supervisor: Professor Claudio Stern
University: University College, London
Co-Supervisor: N/A
University: N/A
Project Title: Dynamics of cell behaviour during somite formation
Student: Mr Adam Moverley

Project Resume

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