The Barclay-Smith Travelling Fund for attending Anatomical Society Winter or Summer meetings

Deadlines for receipt of applications are:


Round 1:  10th November 2016
Round 2:  9th February 2017
Round 3:  16th March 2017 
Round 4:  20th April 2017
Round 5:  12th June 2017
Round 6:  7th September 2017


Round 1:  9th November 2017 NEW DATE IS: 2nd November 2017


This may be used to assist Members who are studying for a higher degree (or are in the early years of their career) to attend meetings of the Society.


The term “young members” is normally interpreted to include both those of lecturer’s status or below and aged 30 years or below.

Members must have been elected to membership by Council for at least a year in order to apply for Barclay-Smith Funding (the only exception to this rule is the Society's Undergraduate Student Summer Vacation Research Scholarship Award winners).


6 times per year. Applications are to be received 2 weeks prior to the council meeting. Current dates are given above.

To apply

For further information please see the application form (in word format) below or contact the Deputy Treasurer.


Previous Recipients

Barclay-Smith Travelling Fund Award Recipients 2016-2017 

Barclay-Smith Travelling Fund Award Recipients 2015-2016

Barclay-Smith Travelling Fund Award Recipients 2014-2015