Revised Regulations and Schedules

The Society’s revised Regulations & Schedules came into force on the date that the Special Resolution was passed (EGM 20th July 2010) and that the Society’s details have been updated on the Charity Commission Register

On 15th September 2011 Council approved the amendment of Regulation 9 on Fellowship. On 18th December 2011 Council approved the addition of Regulation 17 Quorum for Council. 

On 29th March 2012 Council approved the amendment to Regulation 15a on the Terms of Reference of the Standing Committees. On the 9th July 2012 Council approved amendments to Schedule 2: Clause 2 Symington Bequest; Clause 7 Journal of Anatomy and Aging Cell Best Paper Prize; Clause 12 Society Graduate Research Studentships and Clause 13 Society Seminars and Symposia. On the 6th September 2012 Council approved amendments to Schedule 2: Clause 6 The Symington Memorial Prize in Anatomy, Clause 8 Anatomical Society Young Investigator Oral Presentation Prize, Clause 9 Cave Young investigator Poster Prize and Clause 10 Anatomical Society New Fellow of the Year Award.

On 7th February 2013 Council approved the amendments to Regulation 9i Fellowship. On 3rd July 2013 Council approved the amendments to Regulation 2, 6 Early Career Membership and Schedule 2 Clause 11 Anatomica Society Prize. On 19th September 2013 Council approved the amendments to Schedule 2 Clause 6 The Symington Memorial Prize in Anatomy.

On 6th February 2014 Council approved the amendments to Schedule 4: Duties of the Editors-in-Chief of theJournal of Anatomy and Aging Cell.

On 1st May 2014 Council approved an amendment to Regulation 9.1(d) Fellow and an amendment to Schedule 3 Clause 10(a) iii Newsletter Editor.

On 19th November 2015 Council  approved the amendment of Regulations 2, 3a, 4a, 4b, 4c, 5a, 5b, 5d, 6a, 6d, 7a, 7b, 8a, 9.2a, 9.2b and 12 on the Membership of the Society.

On 18th July 2016 Council approved the amendment to Clause 13 Schedule 2 to the Regulations on the Society Seminars and Symposia.

On 30th March 2017 Council approved amendments to Regulations 14c and 15c and Schedule 1 Clause 3 a to g and Schedule 3 Clause 9a. These changes related to a change in title of a committee to Website, Media and Communications Committee.

On 21st September 2017 Council approved in principle the amendment to Regulation 2 regarding Membership of the Society. The final wording was agreed by Councillors by e-mail.

At the AGM held on 18th December 2018 changes to the Regulations and Schedules were noted as approved by the 15th November 2018 Council. These changes included  changes relating to membership matters and gender-neutral wording of the two documents.

On 20th March 2020 Council approved amendments to Regulation 4b, 4c, 4d and 4e giving Early Career Members the option to have their ECM extended if they have an extended career break (e.g. parental leave, career duties, illness and so forth).  

Regulations and Schedules - Amended by Council 19.03.20