Anatomical Society Meetings Committee


The Anatomical Society aims to ensure that we organise and participate in a range of meetings, which are appealing to our own diverse membership and a wider, more specialist audience. This year we aim to make our virtual meetings as engaging and successful as our usual physical meetings.

We continue to look for opportunities for joint meetings and to make sure our meetings are inclusive and have a good geographical spread.

Action Plan

  1. To ensure that meetings are interesting, inclusive, well-attended, run efficiently and to budget.
  2. To support and encourage diversity at our meetings.   
  3.  To maintain an up-to-date Meetings page and email the membership in good time about upcoming meetings.
  4. To continue to develop the on-line registration and abstract submission system for meetings.
  5. To ensure that symposium topics reflect our member’s interests (Input from Research Advisory and Education Committees).
  6. To forge links with other professional, biomedical and anatomical societies through joint meetings.
  7. To maintain and increase attendance and to continue to build on increased student attendance and involvement at meetings.
  8.  To continue to spread best-practice from one meeting to the next.
  9. To collect feedback from Meetings Committee, Council, members and student attendees at meetings. This will be particularly important going forward with the use of a virtual platform.


Meet the Meetings Committee


Chair: Meetings Officer

Eilidh Ferguson (, University of Glasgow


Deputy Meetings Officer

Lyndsay Murray - University of Edinburgh


Meetings Administrator

Hannah Webb 



Phil Cox – University College London

Jemima Chukwu - University of Birmingham

Rocky Cheung - University of Bristol

Danya Stone - University of Brighton and Sussex

Claire Tierney (co-opted) – University of Liverpool

Rebecca Shepherd (co-opted) - University of Bristol


Call for Meetings Proposals


Could you be the next host of an AS meeting? Please take a look at the Proposing a Meetings document and submit your proposal to


Proposals for Winter 2024 should be submitted by November 20th 2023.