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Undergraduate Summer Vacation Research Scholarships 2019 

Applications are currently being invited from prospective supervisors to commence a scholarship for up to a 10 week period in the summer vacation of 2019.


The Anatomical Society is offering up to 10 bursaries a year to enthusiastic and qualified undergraduate students to undertake research in  the Anatomical Sciences (including Anatomy Education) during  a 4 to 10 week period in the summer vacation. It is hoped that this opportunity will encourage students to consider a research career in anatomical science. 

Successful applicants will receive a bursary up to a maximum of £3,000each (comprising a stipend (£220pw) and a bench fee of £800 (£80pw)).

Students are required to submit a final summary report within 6 weeks of the end of the project which will be posted on the website. Students are encouraged to prepare and submit a Poster and, attend one of the Anatomical Society Meetings within 12 months of the end of the Scholarship (NB free meeting registration will be offered but not travel or accommodation costs).


a) Applicants must be Members of The Society who have been elected to membership by Council for at least a year.

b) Applicants must be in good standing with their membership fees. 

c) Applicants must be researchers in the field of Anatomical Sciences (including research relevant to Anatomy Education) at Universities and Research Institutions within Britain or Ireland.

d) Applicants must be working full time in their departments and hold a contract that extends beyond the period of the scholarship. Post-doctoral researchers and new lecturers are encouraged to apply.

e) Applicants can only submit one application in a year.

f) No more than two awards will be made to an individual department or subject area within multidisciplinary departments or schools. 

g) Applications on behalf of first or final year undergraduates, or graduates, will not be considered. The student should be a 2nd year undergraduate student at the time of application. The intention is for the student to carry out the research in the summer vacation after 2 years of undergraduate study. Medical Students: in his/her 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th years will be deemed not to be eligible. Medical Students: in his/her 2nd year will be deemed eligible. Graduate Students: A student undertaking a second degree where his/her first degree was not in science will be deemed eligible.

h) Applicants who have had a previous student are not eligible unless they have submitted the required Final Summary Report for their student.

i) Applicants who have successfully applied for Undergraduate Summer Vacation Research Scholarship Awards the year before cannot apply again the following year (a gap of one year must elapse before the Applicant is eligible to apply again).

j) Supervisors and Co-Supervisors of current Anatomical Society 3 year PhD Research Studentships are not allowed to apply for Undergraduate Summer Vacation Research Scholarships Awards.



To apply

USVRS Application Form and Terms and Conditions 2019

Or by e-mailing headoffice@anatsoc.org.uk


Emails and enquiries should be directed to Ms Mary-Anne Piggott (headoffice@anatsoc.org.uk)

Closing Date 

Midnight Thursday 28th March 2019.