Awards made for 2013

Applicant: Dr Susanne Dietrich
Institution: Portsmouth
Student: Mr Daniel Clent
Project Title: Role of Dact genes in joint formation.
Project Resume

Applicant: Professor Peter Dockery
Institution: NUI Galway, Ireland
Student: Ms Kathryn Porter
Project Title: Structural, Functional and Molecular Characterisation of Human Myometrium from Normal and Obese Category BMI Women.
Project Resume

Applicant: Professor Anthony Graham
Institution: King's College, London 
Student: Mr Peter Hardy
Project Title: Ectodermal morphogenesis - the emergence of the neurogenic placodes. 
Project Resume

Applicant: Dr Kieran McDermott
Institution: University College Cork, Ireland
Student: Ms Rhea Tummon
Project Title: Phenotypic analysis of progenitor cells in the dentate gyrus throughout development.
Project Resume

Applicant: Dr Fabio Quondammatteo
Institution: NUI Galway, Ireland
Student: Ms Sinead Coen
Project Title: Structural analysis of the epidermis of non-injured diabetic skin in a mouse model of insulin-resistant Diabetes Mellitus.
Project Resume