List of Committees


Details of Committee Membership


Chair: Regius Professor Simon H. Parson

Finance and Investment Committee

Chair: Professor Kieran McDermott

Membership Committee

Chair: Dr Asha Venkatesh

Meetings Committee

Chair: Professor Abigail Tucker

Website, Media and Communications Officer

Chair: Ms Catherine Hennessy (Dr Iain Keenan, Acting Chair  from 26.06.21 to July 2022)

Education Committee

Chair: Dr Hannah Shaw

AS/Wiley Journals Business Management Board

Chair: not yet appointed

Anatomy Training Programme Committee (part of the Education Committee)

Co-Ordinator: Professor Tracey Wilkinson

Prizes and Awards

Chair: Dr Joanna Matthan

Journals' Committee

Chair: Regius Professor Simon H. Parson

Research Advisory Committee

Chair: Dr Gavin Clowry

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

Chair: TBA