Student Experiences

As a student in The Anatomical Society, you are part of a broad anatomical science community beyond your own institution. We hope you’ll get to know and share experiences with other students and academics and be inspired for your future career. 



Here are some student members bravely going on camera to tell us about their experiences of being part of the society and our meetings:





Alannah and Ines are current Anatomical Society funded PhD students talking about their projects, funding benefits and advice for undertaking a PhD:


Alannah Mole interview

Ines Boehm interview



Ben was a previous Anatomical Society funded PhD student discussing his research, society meetings and the non-academic skills he learnt:


Ben Jevans interview



Alison was also a previous Anatomical Society funded PhD student, now a post-doc, talking about how involvement with the society has helped her career:


Alison Thomson interview



Miriam was an undergraduate student funded by The Anatomical Society for a summer vacation research scholarship:


Miriam Graute interview