Student Events


  • University College Dublin, Summer Meeting 2022
    • 4th July - student social

Previous socials


Summer Meeting 2021, Glasgow (virtual)

Brave in the face of Covid-derailment once more, the 2nd virtual Anatomical Society conference saw us all back on Zoom, ably led by the Glasgow undergraduate anatomy team. Richard Osman's 'House of Games' was given an AnatSoc make-over as we rhymed, answer-smashed and broken-karaoke'd our way through whilst making new international friends.


Winter Meeting 2020, Newcastle (virtual)

The inaugural virtual Anatomical Society conference, pandemic-enforced but marshalled in force by 2 student-led socials. A fun student meet-and-greet of Zoom ice-breakers and frenzied home item retrieval kicked off events the evening before the conference, with a student-delivered pub quiz for the main social, honing our knowledge of medical myths and emojis!


Winter Meeting 2019, Lancaster

With a washout leaving only the strongest ankles braving the ice-rink, The Borough hosted the Christmas quiz with a quizmaster cameo from Honorary Secretary Prof Adam Taylor; team 'Liver Let Die' somehow emerging victorious.

Winter 2019 - Lancaster



Summer Meeting 2019, IFAA, London

Jointly hosted with The American Association for Anatomy, with turnout from as far afield as Chile, a night of international socialising kick-started by some DIY 'heads up' anatomy name gaming. Membership officer spotted in the wilderness.

Summer IFAA 2019 - London 1IFAA 2019 Student Social 2 



Winter Meeting 2018, York

An excellent turn out to Pitcher & Piano for food and drink forcing a closure to the kitchen, 'Sartorius B.I.G.' returned to reclaim their position as quiz champions, demonstrating an astute knowledge of Yorkshire culture.  

York 2018 Meeting student social



Summer Meeting 2018, Oxford

St. John's College bar hosts a hotly contested quiz, themed as per the conference exhibition as 'Art and Anatomy'. Congratulations to the winners (of best team name as well as the quiz!) - 'Sartorius B.I.G.'

Oxford 18 Student Night



Winter Meeting 2017, Dundee

An evening of food and drink at Mayfly, with various anatomy brain teasers and crosswords in a race to first make a complete skeleton. Lots of chocolate was won.

Winter 2017, Dundee



Summer Meeting 2017, Galway

An excellent Irish and biology themed pub quiz, with a particularly fine limerick round, at Massimo. Winners received a genuine trophy and medal, believe it or not.

Summer 2017, Galway