New Studentships

Award of Anatomical Society Studentships

The Anatomical Society is delighted to announce the award of three new research studentships.  These awards are the outcome of the Society’s annual studentship competition open to its members.

Studentships will start in October 2017 and each award funds 3 years of postgraduate training and study towards a PhD.

Studentships provide funding for research focused on specific projects associated with anatomical science.  Details of these funded projects are below:

Lead Supervisor: Professor Andrew Copp
University: Institute of Child Health, University of London
Co-Supervisor: Professor Nicholas Greene
University: Institute of Child Health, University of London
Project Title: Role of integrin cell-surface receptors in neurulation and neural tube defects
Student: Mr Evangelos Papastergios
Project Resume

Lead Supervisor: Professor Thomas Gillingwater
University: University of Edinburgh
Project Title: Anatomy of a human synapse
Student: Ms Ines Boehm
Project Resume

Lead SupervisorDr Lyndsay Murray
University: University of Edinburgh
Co-Supervisor: Dr Kosala Dissanayake
University: University of Edinburgh
Project Title: Investigating the role of mitochondria in the protection of neonatal axons from injury
Student:  Miss Alannah Mole
Project Resume

Lead SupervisorDr Adam Taylor
University: University of Lancaster
Project Title: An Anatomical role for adipocyctes in normal and pathological bone formation

Student:  Ms Rebecca Shepherd
Project Resume

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