Call for book chapters for Biomedical Visualisation Volume 11

Feb 10, 2021
Message below from Prof. Paul Rea, Editor of Biomedical Visualisation.

Does anyone have any digital applications they might want to write a book chapter for the Biomedical Visualisation book series? It will be published in the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, part of Springer Nature Switzerland AG publishing group. I am on the lookout for people that might want to contribute to the next volume - Vol 11.

Volumes 1-8 have already seen over 26,000 downloads, with over 180 different authors, from more than 55 institutions across 14 countries contributing already. Examples can be seen here:

This can encompass work in image analysis, workflow methodologies, photogrammetry in science, animations, digital reconstructions and applications, big data and visualisations, educational methodologies, usability and evaluations, augmented and virtual reality, and 3D and 4D technologies, including 3D printing, as well as informatics, e-tutorials, MOOCs, HCI and public engagement. It can be from macroscopic to microscopic but show how we can view data and information related to the biomedical field in a much more accessible, innovative and engaging way using technology. It can also be related to the arts and humanities linked to science and how we look at the human body and related body processes. It can also be around the pedagogy of utilising digital technologies in education, or about how you have adopted and adapted these in the pivot to online learning.

The scope, as you can see, is rather large and really related to visualisation in the biomedical and related fields including medicine, dentistry, veterinary surgery, computing and the allied health professions. It is at the junctions between technology, science and the arts.

Your chapter can encompass original research or be a review of the literature related to current, new and emerging technologies in biomedical visualisation, HCI/HCT and informatics. 

Please do get in touch if you are interested.