Professor Paul M. Rea is looking for Editors to join him in the Biomedical Visualisation book series

Aug 10, 2021
We are now moving into a new phase of the Biomedical Visualisation (part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology series) where I am taking on additional Editors with me. This has grown into an extremely successful series with 11 Volumes so far (10 and 11 in press) with almost 43,000 downloads, 268 different authors from 15 countries for the first 9 volumes already. This one would be for Vol 15 onwards - we already have Co-Editors in place for Vol 12 -14.
Additional Editors would be responsible for sourcing the authors of chapters. These chapters have to fit within "biomedical visualisation" and can include pilot studies, methodologies, workflow processes, big data, digital education, clinical applications, arts in science and is really open to your interpretation. Any queries you may have, just ask🙂. Refer to the link above for previous examples . You could work just yourself to source 10-chapter authors (no limits on numbers of authors contributing chapters), or work with additional Editors, whom you would be responsible for sourcing. You can split the numbers of chapters however you see fit between other Editors. It might work best keeping it simple and having 2 Editors i.e. you and someone else, sourcing 5 chapters each.
You would be responsible for sourcing the chapters, reviewing and editing them, and final submission and uploads of final chapters would be by email to the Production Team. I can confirm further details when those interested enquire.
Professor Rea would act as the corresponding editor and will review the final proofs for the volume prior to sending to the publisher for proofing and production. Prof Rea will deal with any queries at the production stage to move it to the final stage for publishing and will review the entire book when at completion. Individual chapter authors would also review their final proofs before they come to me for final approvals.
Please do get in touch if you are interested at