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The Society promotes research across a broad spectrum of the anatomical sciences by publishing two scientific peer-reviewed journals, holding scientific meetings and granting awards to support activities associated with research. 

The Society aims to raise awareness of research involving anatomical science.  Specifically, to promote research supported by the Society, to promote research work conducted by its membership, and to feature anatomical research published in its journals.

These activities are supported by the Research Advisory Committee and occur in collaboration with other standing committees in the Society.

The research objectives of the Society and its Research Advisory Committee include:

  • Promotion of research the Society supports, specifically our studentships and awards;
  • Understanding the research interests of our membership and developing new ways of promoting their research within the scientific community;
  • To feature and promote key papers published in our journals through our newsletter, website, and invited speakers at our meetings;
  • Providing support for the meetings committee and help identify key topics of interest for future meetings, plenary lectures, etc;
  • Raising the profile of the awards offered by the Society, particularly those associated with research.
  • Generate, review and implement policies and governance associated with research related activities and our funding initiatives.

 Articles reviewing examples of anatomical research performed in various institutions in the UK and Ireland