Cave Young Investigator Poster Prize


This is awarded for the best poster presented by an attendee, normally of relatively junior status, at the Spring/Summer Meeting (unless this meeting is held jointly with another society).


The work presented shall have been carried out while the first author was an undergraduate or postgraduate student and presented within 1 year of the award of the Doctorate. Member of the Society or non-member.


Annually at the Spring/Summer meeting of the Society.


For further information contact the Meetings Officer at:

Previous Awards of Cave Poster Prize

2023 Award
2022 Award
2021 Award (includes the Glasgow Joint Oral Young Investigator's Prize and Runner-Up Prize)
2020 Award
2019 Award
2018 Award
2017 Award
2016 Award
2015 Award
2014 Award
2013 Award
2012 Award
2011 Award